Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Sims 4: Enhanced Interactions, CAS, And More Details Revealed

EA also teases many other things, including venues, sharing characters online, and more.

We have a huge batch of information for you for The Sims 4. This info comes from two magazines and an E3 preview. Without further ado, lets get to all the details.
Based on this E3 preview, Create-A-Sim has been dramatically drawn up from scratch. The biggest change involves removing the sliders for adjusting the body types of the Sims. Now, you can manipulate the body directly, like clay, expanding and shortening different parts and sections of the body as you like it. You can use some templates to start out and move from there.
This system also applies to the face, and it is very intuitive and unobtrusive, well, once you figure your way around the controls. You can check out a preview of it all below. Maxis has gone the extra mile with near-photorealistic details, down to the eyes.
That range hasn’t been fully applied to everything, though. Hair seems to be the biggest offender here, but clothing, shoes, and accessories are similarly limited, which is why it’s a good thing Maxis is allowing fans to mod the game to their liking.
You can also set personality with several preset expressions, including walk cycles and reactions.
We have more information from two European magazines. French outlet Jeux Vidéo hasrevealed Maxis’ enhancements to interactions, including new interactions such as multitasking, jumbled group discussions, and mentoring. Dialogue has also been revamped, with choices to talk about related topics, or picking up previous conversations. They also hint at the opportunity to exchange characters via an online sharing tool that’s part of the game.
Lastly, PC Games Magazin has offered an explosion of details. We’re enumerating them for you below:
·         There will be so many dialogue topics it will feel like playing a graphic adventure. You know, like a twine game.
·         There’ll be a new community garden, where Sims can get ingredients. Other places include parks, playgrounds, libraries, gyms, museums, and bars.
·         Social events include parties, dates, and weddings. You can unlock goals and rewards in social events, and take roles like caterers, bartenders and entertainers.
·         Multitasking was enabled when EA removed the limiter on concurrent actions, so you can now be as compulsive in-game as you are in real life.
·         There are 10,000 animation clips on offer. Lip synchronization for talking Sims has also been improved.
·         There are 65 hours of music, with 8 genres and 3 dozen songs. Music will react  naturally to whatever you are doing at any time, including in Create-A-Sim mode.
·         Sims now have one aspiration and three traits. Traits are made of nine emotions, six hobbies, twelve lifestyles, and nine social quirks.

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