Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Updates Of Upcoming Sims 4 Features

*Great news for those of us who love our cheats, and I know some of you were wondering. SimGuruSarah just confirmed - "The Sims 4 is shipping with a variety of gameplay cheats, including a cheat to cheat money." Kaching, baby!

*-Lot Sizes? Curious to know? Sims 4 will have a max lot size of 50 x 50 for base game. Confirmed by SimGuruSarah.  

SimGuruGraham has confirmed that Steamboats and Trams are nothing more than “decorative flavor”

*-Via Twitter SimGuruSarah has also said Willow Creek is the only world they have announced "at this time" Can we say "Hint Hint"?

 *Are you left handed? In the Sims 4, your Sims will have a chance at being left handed as well! In a Twitter post from SimGuruGrant - "Wanted to clarify left versus right handed Sims. It's not something you can choose but there's a chance your Sims will be left handed. This basically just means Sims will prefer to use their left hand to say, pick up a beverage." 

  1. *There will be some story progression but not the same as it was in Sims 3

  2. @SimGuruSarah Quick question - Does Sims 4 have story progression like the Sims 3?
@sims3famoments Yes&no. There is Auto Aging that you can turn on&off. If NPC Sims die new Sims move in. But it doesn't work exactly like TS3

  1. @SimGuruGraham Do we really have to micro-manage our towns now ? No auto-born babies in inactive families ?
@crinrict If you want unplayed families to continue beyond their current generation you'll need to try for a baby with them or play as them.


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